MDHCo - Dutton Speedwords

Dutton Speedwords: Master Note-Taking Once and For All

Whether you type or handwrite notes, a speaker can usually convey information quicker than it can be captured.  For the serious notetaker, this is a problem.  Even if you’re using a DVORAK keyboard (more on that in a later post), your speed can still be improved by using a shorthand system.  Dutton Speedwords, created by Reginald Dutton in 1922, is just such a system.  The Dutton Speedwords system (technically, an ‘international auxiliary language”) uses Roman characters (e.i, those you’re reading now) to represent the semantic qualities of words rather than replacing them with symbols – a key detractor from other forms of shorthand (e.g., Gregg or Pitman shorthand).  What’s more, since the characters are all present on a standard Western keyboard, you can use this equally on your phone or laptop as you can while handwriting.  If you want to quickly capture information, this is going to rank up there with the most efficient practices.

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