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Mindfulness is not a Buzzword

You probably have heard the term “mindfulness” thrown around quite a lot lately. But it’s not something new – mindfulness actually stems from an ancient Buddhist practice, but did not reach mainstream notoriety in the U.S. until the 1970s when psychologists and psychiatrists began studying its therapeutic applications.  Mindfulness is not (necessarily) a religious practice, a fad, or new-age bullshit.  The mindfulness movement has been around for some time, but it’s really gained traction in the last decade due to our digital lives.  We are living in a state of constant distraction — whether it’s your CNN newsfeed, constant bombardment of emails, or the social pressure to like an acquaintance’s photo when he or she posts on Instagram.  Mindfulness practice is about being aware of your current surroundings, feelings, and thoughts as they are at this moment.  You’re not thinking about something you said to someone via text last night; you’re not longing for 6 o’clock to come; you’re experiencing the moment you are living in without judgment or criticism. Want to know how is mindfulness defined? Read on.   Read more