It’s Time to De-Stress – 3 Ways the Perfectionist can Relax

Stress – we all know it and most of us loathe is.  But stress is an innate human trait and one that should be embraced for what it is and then allowed to subside.  So where does stress come from, you ask?  Stress can be caused by any number of environmental factors; from the mundane — like being late to drop off the kids — to crippling.  If you find yourself constantly stressed, it may just be the way you are wired.  The good news is that these qualities can be modified and adapted so that stress is no longer the gorilla in the room.  Here are my 3 tips to manage stress immediately:  Read more

MDHCo - Rethinking Stress

Rethinking Stress: Reframing Your Body’s Response to Pressure

This Ted Talk deals with rethinking stress and I must say the results are pretty amazing.  According to Kelly McGonigal, a mainstream health psychologist and frequent TedTalk-lecturer, stress may not be so bad for us after all.  It bears repeating: stress may not be so bad for us after all! Read more