The Number Rhyme System (NRS), or How to Never Forget Your Wallet

The Number Rhyme System (“NRS”) is about as simple a mnemonic peg system as you will find. The NRS combines a rhyme, e.g., one is for “gun” and two is for “shoe,” with vivid imagery to associate a particular object with its corresponding position on the list.  The process by which you use the rhymed word as an association is called mnemonic pegging [unfortunately] or hooking.  Think of your NRS rhymes as hooks on which to hang the items you want to be remembered. By mentally reviewing your Number Rhyme System list, you will be able to remember any ten items effortlessly with just a little practice.  It’s definitely an easy mind hack to boost your memory because it can be done with relative ease.

Here’s a simple example using the things I should take with me each time I leave my apartment: Read more