6 Ways to Be a Better Person

1. Always Give More than You Receive

If everybody asked each other, “How can I help you?” instead of “What can I get from you?” we just might begin to see a different world form around us.

The universe aligns its bounty for those who give more than they receive. We should take that first step towards serving the higher good — that is the best act of service we are able to provide. By elevating one, we elevate all.  And soon enough, all of our widespread pursuits are met. We can then start to remodel the world in a better image. Thus, our dreams literally become a reality for ourselves and others.

But you must act.  It’s as much for us to take that very first step. And to help those struggling. We stand on one another’s shoulders to raise us all in the pursuit of our goals. This is a legacy we will be proud to pass down to our kids. We should clasp one another’s fingers and take that first step collectively. It’s a step that each individual, group or establishment can take collectively—if solely we modify our lens from competitors to cooperation. From receiving to giving. Read more