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Best Travel Hack for this Thanksgiving

Are you one of the millions of Americans traveling to see family or friends this Thanksgiving?  If you’ve been on a commercial flight in the last three years, you’ll have noticed that the in-seat screens are the norm.  But how do actually get to enjoy the entertainment with the paltry earphones usually provided?  Whether you’re traveling alone or with a companion, this hack is sure to improve your next flight, where ever you may be heading.

The TaoTronics Bluetooth transmitter and receiver is a utilitarian’s dream. As a receiver, it can be used to stream music to non-Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as your stereo.  But even cooler is its function as a transmitter.   When used as a transmitter, the TaoTronics adapter can be used to stream audio from non-Bluetooth audio sources such as non-Bluetooth TVs or CD players to Bluetooth headphones/speakers.

Amazingly, this TaoTronics Bluetooth Adapter has two antennae, meaning it can connect to two Bluetooth devices at once.  Let me repeat that, it can connect to two different Bluetooth devices at the same time. Incredible!

Want to use Apple Airpods or some other fancy Bluetooth headphones for the in-flight entertainment? Get this Bluetooth adapter!

Or maybe you are using your iPad to watch videos but frustrated that your partners can’t watch too?  Get this Bluetooth adapter!

Want to listen to music through your headphones and a speaker?  Get this adapter!

Seriously, there are so many fantastic use cases for this thing.

There’s no need to stress Thanksgiving travel anymore — Get this adapter today!

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