6 Ways to Be a Better Person

1. Always Give More than You Receive

If everybody asked each other, “How can I help you?” instead of “What can I get from you?” we just might begin to see a different world form around us.

The universe aligns its bounty for those who give more than they receive. We should take that first step towards serving the higher good — that is the best act of service we are able to provide. By elevating one, we elevate all.  And soon enough, all of our widespread pursuits are met. We can then start to remodel the world in a better image. Thus, our dreams literally become a reality for ourselves and others.

But you must act.  It’s as much for us to take that very first step. And to help those struggling. We stand on one another’s shoulders to raise us all in the pursuit of our goals. This is a legacy we will be proud to pass down to our kids. We should clasp one another’s fingers and take that first step collectively. It’s a step that each individual, group or establishment can take collectively—if solely we modify our lens from competitors to cooperation. From receiving to giving.

2. Make Someone’s Day Better

As youngsters, we’re always told  to make up for misbehaving by doing good. As adults, we can help in tremendous ways.  We can assist friends and co-workers move into a new place; we can supply food and clothing to the needy; we can even donate our time and money to charities that further our good works. In any case, it’s naturally uncomfortable to see a friend (or even a stranger) struggling.  Some call it Karma, but a little kindness when someone is in need can go a long way.

But what about pure, altruistic generosity?  That generosity that is done without the expectation of receiving one thing in return? Some researchers argue the sort of generosity doesn’t exist — even the most altruistic on intentions is still selfish in that the pursuit of good benefits the altruist as well as the one struggling. I say, so what! Go out there and make someone smile! Help someone carry their groceries.  Do something that makes the world a little bit better.  It is needed now more than ever.

So the question is, might I actually discover pleasure by giving back to the community and those in need? Can seemingly random acts of kindness, little smiles made, really enhance and maintain happiness? To seek out lasting happiness via generosity requires a suppression of our ego, an evaluation of our motives and a mirrored image on how these acts alter our notion of the world. Indeed, it seems that way.

3. Give Back

Being generous not solely heightens your happiness, but also releases extra oxytocin — that  “feel-good” chemical produced by your brain.  Oxytocin is known to boost creativity, resilience and problem-solving expertise. One thing as small as a dialogue with a lonely stranger can increase your temper and unfold good vibes to these round you.  It really works! And here’s the proof:  try performing 30 random acts of kindness to brighten somebody’s day today. If you do this, I promise you feel better for it.

4. Be Kind to Others

Remember: Each and everyone you see, whether or not a passing acquaintance or buddy, and irrespective of the context—constructive or detrimental—is a chance for kindness. Or Seneca has said, it is a chance for profit. Profitfor each of you. You may search to grasp the place they’re coming from. You may search to grasp who they’re, what they want, and what forces or impulses is perhaps appearing on them. And you may deal with them nicely and be higher off for it.

The identical is true with the second individual you encounter, and the third. In fact, there isn’t a assure that they may return the favor, however, that’s not our concern. As all the time, we’re going to concentrate on what we management: on this case, the flexibility to decide on to reply with kindness.

5. Be Kind to Yourself

Being type to your self is a type of issues that sounds simple in dialog however tough in observe. To show generosity inward. To do acts that assist you to respect your self, mirror and develop.

And the reality is, saying some Hallmark-worthy phrases to your self isn’t a precise science for growing your emotions of self-worth. At the least not that we really feel instantly. However, that doesn’t imply it’s not working. Progress—in any type—isn’t simple. It takes endurance, persistence and self-compassion, a reminder we’d like greater than as soon as per day.

Being type to your self isn’t about feeling good. In any case, doing what feels good isn’t all the time what’s greatest for us. However taking the time to go with your self, to nurture your self-compassion, sends a message to future you that she issues. That’s a present price giving.


6. Be Positive

Over the previous a number of years, researchers have been investigating how perceptions and mindsets will be transferred to others. And because it seems, the three greatest methods for transferring constructive genius to others will not be that totally different from those already employed:

  • Success franchising: Developing with a constructive behavioral change that’s simply replicated.
  • Scriptwriting: Altering a prevailing social script by making it constructive.
  • Making a shared narrative: Creating worth and which means by interesting to emotion.


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